A check in from Dimitry at Volkswagen

I’ve been working in the auto industry for eight months now, and it has been an exciting opportunity. And by exciting, I mean my first day at the Dick Hannah Volkswagen dealership was the day they announced the Diesel Gate Emissions Scandal.

I very much remember those first two weeks. Lot’s people scared, confused, and angry. We had just started running a little promo to get people into test drive vehicles- and none of the employees want to talk to anyone. They were hiding in the sales office, avoiding awkward conversations.

I being green and new loved the opportunity to talk to everyone I possibly could. It was fun, in a strange and weird way, it was something like popping huge pimples. Now I see things turning around. Next month there will be a resolution by Volkswagen with the EPA on the whole matter- and I’ve heard some pretty hopeful news.

Lot’s of people have asked me- why Volkswagen. Why not leave? Why not go somewhere they have tons of foot traffic- internet leads they don’t know how to handle- no scandal that hangs over them like a dark cloud?

It comes back to my dad. We had a few Volkswagens over the years, but the one that stands out was a Golf. My dad’s pride and joy. I think it was a mid-nineties gas model. He was working in life insurance and drove that thing into the ground. 360k miles on the little thing, driving back and forth between Portland, Seattle, and Spokane. That was incredible. It was the manual on which I learned to drive stick. It was so powerful, versatile, and handled better than anything I’d driven by that point.

When I chose Volkswagen as a company- I liked the vibe of the commercials, I liked the product, and I liked the direction they were going and where they had been. I don’t know what the hell happened with the TDI debacle, but I do know that it’s not endemic of the company ethos.

It will be interesting to see how they will pull through. I’ve bought into it, and I think I’ll continue to be. In fact- I just bought the 2016 Passat SE. The people I’ve met who own them have been incredibly happy. The new 2016 has some pretty neat new features, like Autonomous Breaking and Adaptive Cruise Control. The new body styling is great, and the backup camera is a must. The SE comes equipped with the Discover Media computer. The computer is a touch screen that incorporates Apple’s Car Play and Android Auto/Mirror Link. I love the silly thing. I got the white one with the lighter Cornsilk Leatherette- and soon I’ll be tinting the windows.

I’m curious, what do you guys think? Am I crazy? Or is this long game I’m playing the right way to go? How is this going to affect me as a business?

Also, hit me up if you want to take my car out for a spin! I’d love to show it off! 😛 Email Me!