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IMG_0240Who is Dimitry Makhanov?
A few years ago, I signed up for an accounting at the local college. The teacher thought it would be helpful if we introduced ourselves. I live in Vancouver, Washington, just north of Portland Oregon. The Portland area boasts a very large Slavic population. It’s not uncommon to have several Russians in any classroom. I have an odd sense of humor, so when it came to my turn, I figured I’d have some fun with the class.

I figured stereotypes are always an easy gag, so in the thickest Russian accent I could muster I said, “I’m Dimitry Petrovich Makhanov, and I’m a Russian.” Nothing else, just a steely look in my eye.

The couple of friends I had in the class laughed. It was awkward, the teacher motioned for the next guy in the class his turn. As it turned out he was Ivan Ivanov Ivanovich from Siberia, and he too was a Russian. A beautiful accent as thick as his neck, he was the living Quintessential stereotype of a Russian. Me, not so much.

About me? I’m a young, active, aspiring business person honing my skill in internet marketing, while earning a living selling cars. I’ve recently dabbled in a little bit of CRO (conversion rate optimization) and I am getting into email marketing. I’ve also been a part of a TV commercial campaign.

I have a strong background in customer service, and food; I worked in a restaurant for years. I’ve done project management in construction, went to school for business, blogged, run a few marathons and love to rock climb. I’m passionate about economics, history, sociology, and religion. All in all, I like to think I’m a fairly well rounded person. I always find it mildly awkward talking about myself like this, so if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.


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