Learning Curve

 Week three. 
 Today, we shot a bit of a commercial. A bottle of scotch may have been used as a form of payment for one of my ‘actors’. We are working hard to be able to push this thing to TV.
 Who would have thought, even a month ago, that I would be shooting a commercial with a really good friend of mine? And the person doing the shooting, another friend!

 It’s a small world, and I love it.
 As I wade through the world of online marketing, I am learning a whole new language. I am learning about industries that I vaguely knew existed. I’m dealing with people several levels over my pay grade.
 It is intimidating, and yet invigorating.
 The conference was fun as much fun as can be expected when you are frantically trying to meet everyone in the room, establish a business relationship, while being aware of how much money you’ve spent to get and stay there for the few days of the event. This is a bit of work.

 And that being said, I appreciate the people that have stepped out, and given me some of the time from their busy days to educate me.
 Also, Google. Thank  you Google.

 Wikipedia. And a few other web resources.