New Job

 Integrating into a new environment is one of the fascinating things about getting a new job, especially after an extended period in an entirely different industry. Beyond all of the new faces and names, I get the pleasure of exploring a whole new social order and interactive protocols.

 At my old job I had reached what I felt was the pinnacle of the social pecking order, a position of tacit leadership. Without ever being given the express permission from my employer I established lasting relationships with our best customers. I set norms for our professional behavior that my colleagues sought to mimic and uphold.

But I started all of it from scratch. Going in I knew nothing about the food service industry. I remember what it felt like to be new, and trying to integrate into the common culture. Learning the products, procedures, lingo, and taboos. As I learned, I took my position from simply food service to something else entirely.  

 And now, I get to do it all over again and feel all of those feelings anew, a whole new adventure. (And do again shortly after. Check out Check in from Volkswagen)
 My new colleagues are intimidating. I have so much respect for their experience and know-how. Most have run their own companies, successfully.  Fortunately, I’ve never been known to be a timid person, and challenges tend to fill me with excitement rather than dread. I bring the experience of what feels like a million person-to-person sales interactions with people of every social standing and industry to the table.
 I’ve served probably the widest demographic ever. It ranged from homeless people to the some of the richest industry leaders, from students to post-doctorates, people who dream of politics to US Congress persons. From children to people celebrating their 103rd birthday. I’ve shared stories, listened, argued, and even taught.
  I remember a pretty awesome conversation with former Defense Secretary Robert Gates about my country of origin.
 I am hopeful. I am chomping at the bit to learn more, and contribute.  A week and a half in, I continue to see new things in which I can become a contributor. If you have come to this blog for insights into the beautiful world of Parallel Kingdoms, the industry I am now entering is… well… remarkably similar. I’m going to be managing relationships to maximize profit.
 I’ll be looking for new industries and partners to create new cash streams for my company. I’ll be involved with spamming, actually and figuratively.

 My company is remarkable. They are growing, effective, and looking to expand. If you found this blog because you are one of the people I’ve tried to connect with on Linkedin, please connect.  I’m sure I’ll have something great to offer you!






 I look forward to blogging my new insights into this new industry, so stay tuned. Maybe we can learn together.