Selling Whips

My last post was rather vague and pretty short, and there was quite a bit of time between then and now. Looking back- I was hopeful that I would have more time to write. That’s cute. 

The latest thing I’ve been doing has been car sales. I am a car sales person. I didn’t ever picture myself selling cars. How did this happen? And what do I feel about it? 

Business is hard. Good business seems to be harder. My first day in the car industry was quite interesting. When my thing with PICR ended- I was a bit adrift. A lot of soul searching about what I am, what direction I wanted to move in, and where I wanted to see myself on 10 years. I worked for the restaurant for about 8 years. I always wanted to do ‘business’ but I rejected any idea of promotion there. 

I had a few ideas of where I wanted to go. My last official conversation with one of my bosses (and good friends) at PICR stood out. He said something to the affect that I need to ‘to continue to develop my soft skills.’ Basically working on a face to face basis with people. 

Another one of my friends who I respect greatly in the business world told me about his start. He worked at a dealership for a few years and that really his ability to sell and close deals.

Long story short- after a little bit of research I found a local company that seemed to have a ethical car business in town. They have a bunch of different car companies they sell- so I chose what at the time was the strongest company. 

After a couple weeks of interviews, drug tests, background checks- My first day was at Dick Hannah Volkswagen was September 18, 2015 aka DieselGate. I remember hearing the announcement on NPR while I waited at the light on the road to work. 

My first two weeks at work was me defending a company I hardly knew to people who barely understood the problem themselves. Quite the learning experience. It’s been around half a year- and I still feel like I’m figuring it out. 

We’ll see how it goes. I’ll try to start working on this blog a bit more. I had some pretty awesome plans for this things and I think that my current position will provide me with some great insights! Should be fun!