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mDimitry’s Guide HowTo Grow your Instagram

Ever wonder how people get huge Instagram accounts, every photo liked 100’s, 1000’s, of times?

I don’t. It’s easy.

Be awesome!

Save that, it might take a bit of work and consistency. There are a few… hacks to get it to grow quicker. Now- warning- they might seem a bit of gimmicky and spammy so be aware of this, and take into account that they work. So let’s cover the non-spammy stuff first.

  1. Don’t spam. No one wants to see 15 photos of the kangaroo you are looking at the zoo. Or your meal, every single bite. If you want to have a good Instagram presence, post consistently- 1-3 posts a day. And those typically hours apart. This Huffington post has a pretty good article about when to post.

  2. Keep content interesting. I like to post man crush Monday’s of myself. I add a Kanye quote, and then some sort of inspiration or encouragement for life. My followers expect it, and I imagine giggle a little as they like it.

This is really hard to do, keeping the content interesting. It takes a lot of thought. Before you post anything, think about it- and why your followers might like to see it.

  1. Always evaluate what you are posting. If one post gets 100 likes, and another very similar post only gets 5… try and figure out why. This constant self-evaluation has taught me a lot about my audience.

  2. Keep in mind- your audience is going to have characteristics. I’ve been helping a hairstylist friend of mine to build her page, a lot of her followers are women- fashion designers/makeup artists/ hair people. These are the people she is targeting. Thus, she tries to put stuff up that they might find interesting.

  3. Hashtags are your friends. #hashtag everything. I like to write long posts. After the post- I post the image with the long post- I immediately post a comment with all of my hashtags.

Finding the right hashtags is very important. I usually go to the search page (detective glass) and look for applicable hashtags. There’s an option for “Trending” and to the right of it says “See all.” I’m pretty bad, I grab anything that even remotely relates to what I’m posting.

I also add stuff that I know is relevant. For example, I post selfies on Monday’s- so #Monday #mcm #mancrushmonday #mancrush. If I was in Miami -#Miami. If it was a sunny day #sunny. You get the picture.

  1. Have fun. Unless it’s your job, then stress out or hire an expert. If you have any more question you can ask me.

Now for the Hacks.

The big one I use I call Churning. Not sure if this is a name for it… but whatever. I add and drop followers. This might seem super simple, but there is a trick to it. And some things to remember.

  1. Limits. Adding a ton of people might seem easy, but for some reason, it works much better if you have more followers than you are following.

There is a maximum number of actions you can do per hour. As of the writing of this post, you could only follow 160 people per hour. Conversely, you can only unfollow 19 people per hour. If you use a program, you have to be careful to follow the rules. Instagram will suspend you if you break them.

  1. Apps. I really like the app called InsTrack by Innovatty. It allows you to manage a few accounts. Yes- you have to pay for some of the features.
This is the simple interface of the program I use to manage my churning.
This is the simple interface of the program I use to manage my churning.
  1. Rhythm. I follow a bit of a rhythm. I will follow people at the peak posting times. Around 4-5 pm. I then choose a time to do my unfollows. On the hour works for me. That way I can just keep track. It takes a lot more time to unfollow people, so getting the most out of the day is important.
  2. Target. When adding people, don’t be random. When I want to start adding people I think about the type of audience I want to build. I post a lot of Kanye quotes- maybe I’ll find a Kanye Instagram account and follow of those people. (That was actually a pretty terrible idea.) If you are a hairstylist- find other hair stylists and follow their followers.

  3. Metrics. Keep track of how well did with everything. For example. I tried following Kanye followers. They didn’t like me. I didn’t get as many followers following them.

I recently found a self-help guru with a ton of followers. Her followers love my Instagram. Because I’m keeping track, I know now that the best use of my time is self-help people.

  1. Like and comment on anything you find interesting. When I am Churning I go through my news feed and immediately like and comment on practically everything. The more engagement you have with people, the more likely they will follow back.

  2. Drop everyone. When I am done clearing out people who aren’t following, I go back and unfollow people I don’t want to follow. If you are selling something, I’ll probably drop you. If you post 12 selfies in a row. Or things that are very negative. I’ll prune the people I follow down to people I actually want to follow.

  3. Repeat. Then I’ll start the process all over again.

  4. Feel free to follow my Instagram. @mDimitry


How to Kill Ideas and Still End up Ahead: the Art of Stepping Away

I’ve been working for a guy named Vitaliy Rizhkov. He has been the founder Finic, which has been like an incubator for the┬ácompanies I’ve worked for in the last 7 months. Not sure if you’ve been keeping track, but last week I went from Hipture to PICR. Crazy exciting move. The story I see unfolding with Vitaliy reminds me of the book I’m currently reading.

If you haven’t read the book by Tony Hsieh- you probably should. The book, Delivering Happiness: a path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose is about the story Tony tells about himself moving from being a kid into adulthood. It is his life laid out, his strengths his weaknesses, and the development of the mindsets that have lead to the creation of huge companies. A casual read that really gets into his story; I feel like I’ve had a long coffee break with the guy. Tony is very inspirational. And very much akin to the story I’ve recently experienced a crazy move by my boss.

Last Monday- the Hipture project was shut down. Our Kickstart was 120% funded, and Vitaliy yanked the cord. So many people were left adrift. I can’t describe how disorienting the whole thing felt.

We had an all hands meeting on Thursday where Vitaliy explained the situation. It really reminded me of the way Tony Hsieh describes the game of poker. Tony goes into some detail about his belief that poker is akin to starting a business. He lists of ways that Poker is similar to creating a business. I’ll just list a few bullet points:

-Table Selection is the most important decision you can make.

-It’s okay to switch tables if you discover it’s too hard to win at your table.

-You need to adjust your style of play through the night as the dynamics of the game change. Be flexible.

He describes that building a business is very similar to sitting down to a poker table. The dynamics between your skill level vs your competition’s dictate your potential for winning. Not all tables are created equal, and strategically moving from a table you can’t win at is appropriate. It’s not that you can’t win individual hands, but being able to win in the long term. It’s easy to get caught up in the hand, and sometimes you just have to accept that it’s time to stand up and move to a different table.

In my mind, it was like Vitaliy was playing at two tables at the same time. Somehow this game allowed you to play both tables with the same bankroll. On the Hipture table, he had a decent hand. We payed the blind to see the flop. The hand was ok. Our Kickstarted got funded, but it was lackluster. On the PICR table, he gets a REALLY good hand. Instead of waiting to see how things played out on the Hipture table, he folded and pulled his money out to go all in on PICR. It’s good to be flexible and embrace the changes. Especially when they are they right move. (Sorry if you don’t play poker and completely miss the analogy. You should try it out, very interesting game.)

Vitaliy believes in the work fast, fail fast system. It’s akin the Jordan’s “you can’t make the baskets you didn’t shoot” but with the business focus. Not dawdling over a decision, but moving forward with confidence. So, you’ll see me working hard and fast with PICR. I’m still involved in working with influencers. I’ll still be on Instagram quite a bit. No dawdling with indecision. I really look forward to what this week entails!

If you are a photographer, you HAVE to sign up. You really don’t have a choice. Like… at all. PICR is a game changer. Get in early, and get in while the getting is good. For all of those people I worked with on Hipture, let’s keep things going. I think there’s still plenty of crossovers.

I’m curious if this is a common thing that people experience? Have you ever worked at a startup? Tell me about your craziest pivot? How did it turn out? Let me know! I’m super curious!

How to Get Rich Quick, or Die Trying.

I’ve been with my company for a few months now. I recently noticed that haven’t blogged nearly as often as I would like. And since I’ve cleared this blog of all of the old content, this site has become mighty bare. I’ve wanted to kind of follow my progress through the business world, but by the time I’ve learned something I’m moving on to a new little bit.

I have been learning a ton.

So, the company I work for does internet marketing. This has become my field of study, my playground, my obsession. The internet has been one of those things that my family got when I was around 14. It was already well on it’s way to being the crazy beast we see today. AOL chat rooms, forums, email chains. Text based mmo games. I even remember setting up my first online community in order to post and share homework.

I’m sure everyone my age can remember the Myspace experience. I remember those crazy people that started become famous on it. Bands, musicians, artists were one thing, but then you had people like Dane Cook, Katy Perry, and my favorite Tila Tequila who could be said to really have gotten their fame over developing followings on myspace. Youtube was a game changer. There are YouTubers that make millions.

As the amount of people using the internet continues to grow, and the opportunities to make money online along with it. Now the title of the post is “how to get rick, quick.”

The secret is this: you can’t, without like winning the lottery or building something that explodes because it’s just that awesome, get rich quick. But you can, slowly. There are a lot of different ways to do it too. But I think they all start with a basic understanding of how things work.

The internet is huge. Like, like really really big. There are millions of websites two billion people use every day. Just think about that for a moment. They are reading thing, clicking like, buy, check out. They are spending money across the world.

I often think of the internet in terms of our water cycle/ ecology. I’m sure they analogy will break down moments after I start writing about it. But it involves clouds, and flows, and gravity. In this analogy water is money. Topography dictates where the water flows, as well as falls. Some regions get more rainfall, and others less.

Mountains form huge barriers that cause rainfall in some regions, which then is driving by gravity into streams and creeks. Those are funneled into rivers, or sink into the water table, or hit lakes, or go back to the oceans.

The ecosystem, the life, is sort of the internet. Forest retain water, and actually increase rainfall by keeping the air over them cool, which leads to precipitation. Givers give rise to ecology, and irrigation is artificial and effective- so long as you maintain it.

Channels in which water flow grow deeper, unless they are filled with silt. The bigger they are the more likely they to spread out and create marshes. All of it is connected.

We want to build a system that has weight, and collects water, and retains it. It has is vibrant and provides a habitat for our families, friends, family. You know what it reminds me of? Beavers. The trick is to be a beaver. Beavers build dams that force the water to slowly flood an area, which then causes natural wetlands that are entirely unique and vibrant ecosystems. Over time, they become stable, but initially they take a ton of work.

Here’s a full length documentary on beavers from animal planet.

If we have a ton of funding, we could perhaps build synthetic damns. Perhaps eventually we should, but initially we can start by using soft materials. I think of that as content online. I have another blog that I don’t really post much at anymore. It does have something like 80 posts. With out any effort, the site gets around 20-50 visits per day. And it’s entirely personal, entirely benign, and yet it is something. It’s like the random debris that forms at bends in creeks. Eventually, if I keep writing and adding to it, the the sheer amount of crap I put there will pool water. Money.

The difference between a debris dam and a beaver dam is very little, and primarily focuses on organization. Putting up a bunch of content is one way to make money, but putting up a very organized bit of content will also make you money. Both require quiet a bit of work.

Most people are like fish, they just swim in the stream. They pump water in and out of their gills, but that’s it. So let’s leave the analogy- because it’s beginning to wear thin. ­čśŤ

It seems to me that in order to money online, without building a actual company like Etsy, or Amazon, or what ever, is to build up good content. I’ve been working on this online advertising thing and I’ve noticed a HUGE lack of actual content that is relevant to the subjects I am interested in. Which is primarily online marketing. I have skimmed through forums, read countless blogs, signed up for news letters. I’ve watched youtube videos.

And most of the content it is itself is marketing for marketing. The weird thing is that apparently the only people who know how to do this stuff are doing it, and they don’t want to create competitors; but want to make money off of the competition by creating the feeling like they are about to reveal the secrets.

And I’m no better. I’ve learned a lot in the last few months; but I signed a contract to keep it on the DL. haha.

But the truth of it is this: Do it. Just do it. Like Shia LeBouf said in that crazy video.

And I will. I plan on bringing you what information and knowledge I can, and am allowed to. I’ll try to do it in an organized form, nothing like this post. I’ll try to be more consistent with it. And I’ll try to do lots of it. I’m going to work hard at it, while gaining benefit from experience and actual revenue ; hopefully.